Tim McCall, also known as Jirah and Resonant Dawn, is known for creating energetic and atmospheric trance music, and his Resonant Dawn project is moving into the future with a fusion of psychedelic sound and world beats. Raised in a very musical family, he learned much about music and the importance it plays in our lives. He was drawn early on from the age of 12 to 80′s pop and early techno music, leading him to experiment with various instruments and digital processing.


Since 1997, Tim has been working in the electronic music scene as a dj / producer under the name of Jirah. His music has been heard far and wide, and he has traveled around the globe performing his own unique blend of melodious, funky, high-energy psytrance. Tim has worked with some of the best labels in the business, releasing several albums and appearing on countless compilations. At age 16, Tim began to dj a mixture of house and progressive trance. His first exposure to goa/psy music came with the release of the “Blue Room / Trip Through Sound” compilation in 1997, which did much to influence him to dj and ultimately produce this type of sound. Jirah was formed in 1997 first as a dj name then soon after as the artist name. More info:

Resonant Dawn

In 2008, Tim began an eclectic new project under the artist name “Resonant Dawn”. The mission of Resonant Dawn is to create beautiful, vibrant landscapes of sound that reflect the various scenes in our lives, to be a mechanism of healing and vitalization, and an inspirational force that moves us into new spaces of consciousness. Sometimes chilled and meditative, while other times aggressive and upbeat, this project transcends the borders of any particular genre. More info:

Sample Libraries

Aside from his music projects, since 2009 Tim has produced many sample and preset libraries for the Australian-based sample library company Zenhiser Samples. Visit the Zenhiser website for more information: